As you sit down and focus on what you will achieve in your working day, take a moment to think about when you last set yourself a personal exercise goal that you reached and when was the last time you did something meaningful for you personally?


For me, exercise is my escapism. It has allowed me to cope with stresses that would otherwise have crushed me. This allows me to clear my brain of all the negative thoughts or energy that may have built up during a day or between workouts. No matter what type of exercise you do, and at what level, as long as you are consistent with it, it can act as your catharsis and allow you to feel more balanced both physically and emotionally. This allows you to thrive in the work environment and make you feel full of energy.


Lots of us make a half-hearted commitment to eat well or exercise, but we always say that we are going to start tomorrow or on a Monday, why is it we don't start now?

We all have plans, deadlines and direction at work, so when balancing our work, social, personal lives, why do we not set our own goals? Make a clear commitment to yourself to make exercise a priority in your life and to ensure that you continue to balance your mind and body.

We all aim to reach our work goals but what about our personal ones? Do they always sit on the back burner?

Being honest with yourself, when was the last time you sat and thought about what you personally wanted to achieve? Go do it now, write down a few thoughts, what do you want to achieve for you tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now. Then imagine how amazing you will feel when you look back at what you accomplished by investing and committing to yourself.

Author: Kat Stock




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