Team Building & Personal Development Training

Each individual in any organisation is different. Understanding yourself and how you relate to others is arguably the single most important aspect of personal development. Our colour-profiling tool is a powerful and enlightening personal learning experience and because it is simple and about colour energies people recognise, they remember and apply the principles in their interactions with others.

Line Manager Training

Line Managers play a critical role within an organisation. They hold the pivotal responsibility in both helping a business deliver

Performance Management

A performance management framework is critical if employee engagement is to be sustained

Disciplines, Grievances and Appeals

During the employment cycle difficulties may arise that require a business to deal with either disciplinary action or by investigating a grievance. These situations should be dealt with in a timely manner, fairly and consistently to ensure that a business sustains it’s healthy and productive working environment.

Telephone Support Service

Advisory service, Telephone support between the hours of 8.30 to 6.00 (unless otherwise agreed as per contract)

HR Compliance

Human Resources compliance is a necessity for any business in today’s legal environment. HR Net can provide you with the support and assurances that as a business you are fully compliant.


Attracting and selecting the right people, with the rights skills, expertise and qualifications is critical to a business’s success and performance

Employee Engagement

Sustainable employee engagement is critical to the success of your business as it links to greater productivity, profits and innovation at a business level to higher retention rates, lower absenteeism and higher motivation at an individual level.


HR Net can support you in ensuring that wellbeing becomes an integral part of your business strategy

Absence Management

Employee absence is the biggest, non-recoverable cost to your business, but the costs can be brought down with the right strategy. HR Net will be able to support you with absence in your business and navigate through the different process or options that you may need to consider




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